About Us

Airplane-market is the most user-friendly aviation portal that enables you to search and advertise airplanes online.

Everything here is directed towards people who are searching for aircrafts, aircraft parts, avionics, services, and aviation real estates.

We strive to provide our clients with the best possible service. That is why we are trying to help everyone to find the perfect match for their needs, not only through listings on our website, but also through social media, personal contacts and email (we hate SPAM as much as you do, and we promise that we will keep your email address safe).

Our team believes in the power of keeping it simple. That is why we decided to build a user-oriented website, without corporate structure and unnecessary features.



Our story

Each member of our team is fascinated with aviation, and that is why we’d made a plan to find and buy an abandoned B727 or DC10 and make a concert place out of it. We were all extremely enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to find what we were searching for. As we were exploring our options, an idea popped into our minds: Why don’t we build a user-friendly website for people like us? All that we needed was already there: a marketing expert (Marie), a software developer (Jovan), an IT engineer (Dusan) and an aviation expert (Alex). There was nothing that could stop us in creating a place where people involved in aviation could easily find what they are looking for. That is how Airplane-market was brought to life. We plan to stay here and take care of your needs for a long time.